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Learn more about Pandaria, the new Monk class and the Pandaren race from this Mists of Pandaria Compendium.

The ultimate question for when Mists of Pandaria official hits stores is: What’s the fastest way to hit the new level 90 cap? Followed by: How will leveling up in Mists of Pandaria be like in comparison to Cataclysm or WotLK?

First and foremost, the new level 90 cap takes gamers through new leveling zones. Level 85 to 86 features the highly anticipated Jade Forest – an all new Pandaria zone for the expansion, untouched by the devastating effects of the years long war between the alliance and horde. Then from levels 86 to 88, gamers get to venture the Valley of the Four Winds to gather in wow leveling experience points. From levels 87 to 89, Mists of Pandaria introduce gamers to Kun-Lai Summit, a huge snow capped mountain. Then for the final 2 levels, 89 to 90, leveling points can be earned from either Townlong Steppes or Dead Wastes. Don’t forget the Vale of Eternal Blossoms as well which is accessible after level 89.

All the new wow mop zones features new storyline to take gamers through quests while leveling up. One thing for sure is Blizzard has yet again designed a spotless, seamless expansion in terms of intriguing gamers with the plot while at the same time progressing through the levels.

As the expansion gets released and new patches are announced, you’ll find the game changes over time. This set of WoW handbooks are offered by the game guide publisher with free updates which may come in useful over the course of time.