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Here’s a quick guide to Mists of Pandaria, Blizzard’s 2012 expansion for World of Warcrft. Check out this MoP handbook for detailed insights into the expansion including walkthroughs for the new zones and gameplay tactics.

One of the most anticipated updates from the new World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria expansion is the introduction of an eleventh class – Monks. The WoW Monk is a hybrid class. They are masterful in using their fists and feet for combat and only resort to weapons to generate their final moves. If you are looking for the ultimate WoW Monk guide, read further as we discuss what talents and abilities the Monk class can perform.

There are three main talent trees for monks, namely Brewmasters, Windwalkers and Mistweavers. Each talent tree has their own unique set of abilities and purpose in a party. For instance, Brewmastsers are versed in tanking mobs and bosses in a party while Mistweavers are healers and supporters of the team. Windwalkers, on the other hand, use melee weapons and the damage dealers of a party through their deadly damage-per-second skills. With different talent trees, a monk can be played flexibly for any party.

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As said earlier, each Monk talent tree offers a unique set of skills. Similar with other classes in World of Warcraft, players will get to choose their Monk talents every 16 levels. The similar talent system is also seen from the Heroes of the Storm. The right choice of talents could empower players heavily. That’s why heroes of the storm build guide is significant. For Brewmasters, the talents you can acquire are geared more towards tanking and surviving. Their talents include Intuition, Mystery Talent, Deadly Reach, Beguile, Ring of Peace and, lastly, Chi Blind. Mistweavers, on the other hand, get Celerity as their first talent and Chi Sphere as their last. For Windwalkers, talents include Momentum, Leg Sweep, Chi Cocoon and Chi Torpedo.

Overall, the WoW Monk class is talented in bare-hand-to-hand combat. Talents that define this particular class are their versatility to play any role in a party as well as their survival abilities. They can leap, roll and evade from any attack while also supporting their allies in battle. Make sure to study up for the best WoW monk build to sculpt your Monk into a well-rounded fighter in game.

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World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria Monk Class Guide Review

Posted Monday, September 17th, 2012
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MoP Strategy BookletI’d like to proudly present the newest guide to KillerGuides’ collection; the Monk Guide for World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria. When I discovered KillerGuides had their guide on the website, I headed over to purchase the guide along with the MoP strategy booklet! I bought several of their guides previously and their quality never dropped! In this case, I want to be prepared for Pandaria and their kung-fu pandas–erm, Pandaren.

The guide is designed to help new players grasp the game quickly without wasting time reading up on game mechanics. The monk guide allows players to jump right into the action establishing the right talent builds for them. I guess you’re wondering what the perks of the guides are. Well, I can tell you that you can buy it off for only $29.99 USD in English, German and French. The German and French copies are 24.99 Euros, by the way. For those unsure of KillerGuides and their guides, you can always contact them via their customer service support 🙂

Continuing on, all of KillerGuides’ guides are PDF and all guides are eligible for free updates, anywhere, any place and any time. To get a copy of their guides, simply head over to here and follow the instructions provided.

Okay, these are my thoughts about the guide:

Layout: Easy to read and highly navigable. Table of contents is linked with the chapter titles.

Language: Easy to understand and applies gaming terminology plus recommendations for builds, skill combos and a clear cut walkthrough section.

Gaming Knowledge: This is the section where the author helps you in the game. I’d like to point out the walkthrough section helped me lots. Before I purchased the guide I was getting lost and I had no foundation for a solid skill rotation. The guide solved all these issues. Within the walkthrough the author suggests several skill rotations to use according to my level. As I level, the skill rotation slightly changes and plus, the author explains why he had to add or omit skills from the rotation. Other than explaining to me the skill rotations, I was given a whole lot of information about cooking, archaeology and lots of info about profession leveling. There’s so much more to read about in the guide!

I really enjoyed reading the guide since it showed me a definite difference in how I level up each profession in WoW. Of course, the guide goes into leveling detail pinpointing specific leveling spots and strategies to quickly hit level 90. You just have to read the guide itself to apply all of these techniques and tactics!

Oh, before I forget, KillerGuides offers a WoW complete bundle for those who want to get the latest updates for WoW MoP!

WoW Monk Specialization in the Mists of Pandaria

Posted Sunday, September 2nd, 2012

Pandaria Monk Specs

Blizzard’s most anticipated expansion is just a month away and already a storm is brewing for the game. This is the newest expansion introduced by Blizzard returning players to Azeroth and revealing an almost picturesque land called Pandaria. Pandaria was a land enshrouded by thick mist until it was discovered by passing travelers. Within the lost land, new species were discovered including the Pandaren race, a race primarily made of anthropomorphic pandas. The Pandaren are a neutral race amidst the violent war between the Alliance and Horde factions. Although, the Pandaren can join either sides to contribute to its causes.

According to Blizzard, the Pandaren are best known for their martial arts abilities, training in the philosophy of using Chi rather than tangible objects to do their fighting. The Pandaren contains three solid builds players can choose from: Brewmaster, Mistweaver and Windwalker. These are the three primarily builds which players can continually unlocking skills and abilities accordingly.

Brewmaster: This is a straight-forward tanking class.

Mistweaver: This build is primarily used to help and heal your allies.

Windwalker: This build is aimed directly to unleash high DPS attacks against tough mobs.

This is a basic introductions players to Monks in Pandaria. Although note the information above is subjected to change from this point forward until several weeks after the initial release.


Here we mainly cover the Mists of Pandaria expansion. Details about the Monk class are readily available over here.

With the release of the fourth expansion of the world’s largest and most popular MMORPG, World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria, players are excited to experience the new offerings in-game. Aside from the auto-attack feature that will drastically improve player experience, an eleventh class is set in motion – the WoW Monk . Here is a detailed walk-through WoW monk guide.

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There are three main specializations that the wow monk build can advance to, namely Brewmasters, Mistweavers and Windwalkers. Each one of the three specializations have a unique set of abilities and talents they can hone and master. With different specializations, the monk class becomes versatile during party play, giving them the power to either tank damage, deal damage or heal damage. Here are some of the talents for each WoW monk spec.

Brewmasters are the tank of every party. They resemble the drunken masters shown in martial arts films. Brewmasters don’t deal as much damage as Windwalkers, yet their potent brews enable them to absorb huge amounts of damage without getting killed. In addition, Brewmasters have great survival rates in a party with avoidance abilities including Guard and Recoil that allow them to bypass any damage for a short yet significant span of time.

Mistweavers, on the other hand, are masters of healing and support. They have abilities that improve HP and MP of party members. Their skills bounce off from one target to another. If cast on enemy units, these healing spells can turn into deadly abilities. Mistweavers also drink various forms of tea, which offer them different benefits.

Meanwhile, Windwalkers are the damage dealers of a party. However, they are melee range, meaning that they don’t have the distance advantage that long-range attackers do. Most of the skills they use are DPS or damage-per-second skills. Some of their talents include Muscle Memory, Afterlife and Chi Sphere. For monk leveling guide, check out the guide to make pandaria leveling and farming with your monk character much faster.

For proven tips to level up quickly in Pandaria this guide is recommended. Offered as a single product by the publisher, gamers also have the option to get their Monk guide all in one go as a WoW product set.

Below is an overview of the expansion for you to quickly get started. For more advanced content such as strategies to level up, earn fast-cash or easily win battles as a Monk, don’t miss out on this MoP expansion book.

Commonly known to the MMORPG genre, quests are basically tasks or assignments that each player receives from NPCs (non-player character) to complete in order to earn certain rewards, unlock certain zones and so on.

In the Warcraft Pandaria expansion, the quests system is further differentiated. Besides getting quests from NPC, players can right-click certain signs, posters, read scrolls, open boxes or even loot certain items to begin a quest. Quest chain is also very prominent in Warcraft Pandaria. What quest chains are is basically a gamer who completes a quest will automatically be given a follow up quests with extended objectives. Most quests yields experience points which is highly desirable for leveling up. Thus, quite obviously, one of the main methods to level up a character quickly is be doing quests.

In World of Warcraft itself, there are currently over 9,000 quests from the initial start up of 100 horde and 100 alliance quests. In the Mists of Pandaria expansion, gamers would immerse themselves in not only highy challenging and interesting quests but be confronted by new dungeon bosses which could be found at all the new leveling up zones from the lush Jade Forest to Kun-lai Summit, all the way to the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. More over, the Pandaria Monk boast over 100 daily quests on top of the vast number of storyline quests. All in all, this latest World of Warcraft expansion can keep even the most experienced hard-core gamer preoccupied with exciting adventures all the way to the new level 90 cap.

Learn more about Blizzard’s Mists of Pandaria here.

Learn more about Pandaria, the new Monk class and the Pandaren race from this Mists of Pandaria Compendium.

The ultimate question for when Mists of Pandaria official hits stores is: What’s the fastest way to hit the new level 90 cap? Followed by: How will leveling up in Mists of Pandaria be like in comparison to Cataclysm or WotLK?

First and foremost, the new level 90 cap takes gamers through new leveling zones. Level 85 to 86 features the highly anticipated Jade Forest – an all new Pandaria zone for the expansion, untouched by the devastating effects of the years long war between the alliance and horde. Then from levels 86 to 88, gamers get to venture the Valley of the Four Winds to gather in wow leveling experience points. From levels 87 to 89, Mists of Pandaria introduce gamers to Kun-Lai Summit, a huge snow capped mountain. Then for the final 2 levels, 89 to 90, leveling points can be earned from either Townlong Steppes or Dead Wastes. Don’t forget the Vale of Eternal Blossoms as well which is accessible after level 89.

All the new wow mop zones features new storyline to take gamers through quests while leveling up. One thing for sure is Blizzard has yet again designed a spotless, seamless expansion in terms of intriguing gamers with the plot while at the same time progressing through the levels.

As the expansion gets released and new patches are announced, you’ll find the game changes over time. This set of WoW handbooks are offered by the game guide publisher with free updates which may come in useful over the course of time.

mists of pandaria release date


With the release of Mists of Pandaria are lots of new zones, monsters, raid and dungeons for players to challenge themselves on. To get a quick and concise rundown on Pandaria, we recommend checking out this Pandaria ebook.

It’s official and it’s confirmed: WoW Mists of Pandaria will be released on September 25, 2012. That’s right, the game will be released this fall featuring a new race called the Pandaren and an new class, the Monk. According to the WoW Monk Guide, the Monk will contain three talent builds which players can choose from: Brewmaster, Windwalker and Mistweaver. These are attributed to: tanking, melee DPS and healing respectively. The Mistweaver, or the healing build will contain a mana bar. The other two classes will have an energy bar respectively. Monks will be wearing light armor consisting mainly of leather for maximum mobility and flexibility.

Since the beta testings which started in March 21, Blizzard received copious amounts of feedback in order to polish the game upon release. According to a Mists of Pandaria online source will contain one of the biggest content variety ever released for World of Warcraft. The features is said to appeal to players plus, the ability tier adjustment for classes. Polishing and perfecting the game for release, fans will throughly enjoy Blizzard’s newest expansion.

Besides a new Monk class, all the WoW classes gets new content, some even drastically revamped. This set of WoW class references may come in handy for anyone who plans to play Mists of Pandaria.

wow monk and raid guide

Here we mainly cover the Mists of Pandaria expansion. Details about the Monk class are readily available over here.

One of the highlight of the new World of Warcraft expansion, Mists of Pandaria are raids and dungeons. Gamers can expect both mini-scale and high-level dungeons. The new playing grounds, Pandaria will host 6 dungeons and 3 raids. In addition to the new dungeons and raids, there’s a whole new Challenge mode. What gamers will have to do is to basically complete dungeons as fast as they possibly can. The reward are medals the the reappearance of world bosses. Dungeons are split into 3 main categories in MoP, namely the New ones, the Classic ones and Raids. Some of the new dungeons are very pandaren leveling guide focused, for instance the Temple of the Jade Serpent which is available to gamers of level 85-86, the Stormstout Brewery which is located in the Valley of the Four Winds and the Gate of the Setting Sun, which is a dungeon exactly at the Great Pandarian Wall. Some of the classic dungeons are those such as Scholomance which show cases five bosses with the new reconfigurations that comes with the MoP expansion, the Scarlet Monastery wherein the two wings, Graveyard and Chapel are now combined to feature a dungeon with 5 bosses. Then there’s raid content (basically raid dungeons) like Mogu’shan Vaults which features new content, Terrace of Endless Spring and Heart of Fear which is a Mantid-based raid where gamers go against the Mantid empress.

Learn more about Blizzard’s Mists of Pandaria here.